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Don’t be fooled, November and December is a great time to hire …


It’s a prime time to recruit. So many people come out with the phrase “new year, new start” right? Rubbish.  Get off your hind! Some companies say “were not taking any more on until after Christmas” Rubbish... you have heard it all before right? Well it is stagnant and gets neither side anywhere any quicker and actually has the potential to be detrimental to both sides.

So while smaller companies hold off because its more cost effective to start them in the new year the bigger keep on hunting and capturing the talent that is considering. While the candidates wait until January they just become one of many more wanting that new start becoming one of many who are just waiting around.

If you are an employer wanting the best options available you need to be recruiting now, While your competition has its foot off the talent gas you need to be creaming it. You need to have someone working with you with a good healthy managed pool of candidates with a proactive approach to recruitment, If you’re a candidate then this is your golden moment in the year.. show us you’re a front runner, you don’t wait on things and you act on requirements. Your boss won’t think anything more if you need to book half day to do some errr Christmas shopping either.

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